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Dr. Emma R. Seraphim
Department of Zoology
Assistant Professor (HOD)
M.Sc., Ph.D.
emmaseraphim@nirmalacollegeranchi.com , emma_rs@yahoo.in

1.     Date of Joining :18.08.2006

2.     Administrative responsibilities:        

·        HOD of the Department of Zoology.

·        IQAC Coordinator

·        Departmental Coordinator of DBT Star College Scheme Project.

·        Institutional Coordinator of Xavier Board Academic Collaborations &Networking.

3.     Awards and Memberships:

·        Awarded merit scholarship during the Ph.D. Program from AASCON Research Fellowship(Nagpur Chapter) dt. 30.03.2000

·        Minor Research Project ,sponsored by UGC, Title of Project: “Impact of Phytoestrogensonendocrine glands of Albino Rats.”

·        Best Presentation Award in 4th National Conference at Aurangabad.

·        Worked as Reporter in the103rd Indian Science Congress on “Science & Technology for Indigenous Development in India” held from 3rd to7th January 2016 at University of Mysore.

·        Convener of NAAC sponsored National Workshop in 2016 & 2018.

·        Convener of National Seminar sponsored by Ranchi University and RUSA in 2017

·        Convener of International Conference in collaboration with SEED in 2019.

·        Co-Ordinator of Refresher course sponsored by UGC, HRDC in 2019.

4.     Area of Specialization: Cytology &Endocrinology

5.     Major Research Area: Cytology and Endocrinology.

6.     Research Experience:20 Years (Since1998)

7.     Ph.D.: 2003; Institute of Science, Nagpur (Nagpur University);“Endocrine Interaction During Different Phases of The Female Reproductive Cyclein Hipposideros Lankadiva (Kelaart)”

8.     Research Projects:

2008; UGC; “Impact of Phytoestrogens on endocrine glands of Albino Rats.”

9.     Ph.D.Guidance:2021 ongoing(02 students)

10. Publications:

·        “Quam Vita Life Beyond”: Book Publication: Disha International Publishing House, Greater Noida: 2021

·        Ultrastructure of thyroid gland in Hipposiderid Bat H. lankadiva (Kelaart) : Proceedings of the Zoological Society.,68: 172-177 ( 2015)

·        Histological changes in the thyroid gland during the female reproductive cycle in Hipposideroslankadiva (Kelaart) : Asian J. Exp. Sci., Vol. 27, N0. 1, 2013; 1-4

·        Impact of Phytoestrogens on endocrine glands of Albino Rats I. Adrenal: Bioscan5(1):63-66, 2010

·        Impact of Phytoestrogens on endocrine glands of Albino Rats I. Pituitary: Bioscan5(1):59-61, 2010

·        Ultrastructural study of Pituitary Gland during different phases of the female reproductive cycle in Hipposideros Lankadiva (Kelaart) : Bioscan 4(3) : 465-470,2009

·        Endocrine interaction during different phases of the female reproductive cycle in Hipposideros Lankadiva ( Kelaart) :Bioscan 4(1) : 143-148, 2009