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Profile Details For #Dr. Anjali Smita

Dr. Anjali Smita
Department of Zoology
Assistant Professor
M.Sc., Ph.D.
anjalismita@nirmalacollegeranchi.com ,anjalismita162@gmail.com

Date of Joining – 18.11.2010

1.      AdministrativeResponsibilities-

·        Working as Coordinator in the Dept. of IT since 2012.

·        Member of Magazine Committee

·        Member of Cultural committee

2.      Awards and membership-

·        Young Scientist Award 2009 under Prof.K.C BoseMemorial Chair on 20 th November 2009

·        Best Oral presentation for “lead toxicity in aquaticinsects” by International Consortium of Contemporary Biologist and the Board ofTrustees of Madhawi Shyam Educational Trust (ICCB-MSEB)0n 20-22ndNovember 2009.

·        Biospectra Best research Paper Award 2010 {(March,Vol.5(1),10} from The Academic Council of International Consortium ofContemporary Biologist and the Board of Trustees of Madhawi Shyam Educational Trust(ICCB-MSEB)0n 13th December 2010.

3.      Area of Specialization

·        Entomology

4.      Major Research area

·        Toxicology

5.      Research Experience

·        15 years (Since 2006)

6.     Ph.D.

·        2012; Ranchi University Ranchi,“A study of temperatureinfluence on water permeability and accumulation of heavy metals (lead and Copper)in aquatic insects.”

·        Research Projects- 2013.UGC Eastern Regional Officeno.F.PSJ -006/12-13(ERO) (A study on the effect of an artificial sweetener(Aspartame)on some serum-biochemical and variables and histological alterationsin diabetic and Non-diabetic Wistar Ras

7.      Top 10 publications:

·        Impact of change in temperature on uptake of heavymetal (lead nitrate) and the related distress caused in two aquatic insects (Dragonflynymphs and ChironomousLarvae. (Biodiversity, Taxonomy and Conservation,2018189-193.)

·        Differential effects of alloxan on different bloodparameters in diabetic induced male wistarrats. (International Journal ofPharma and Bio Sciences, vol 6, Issue 2,2015 ,161-169)

·        Prospects of biofuels in India as source of bioenergyand its role in mitigation of carbon emissions: A Review (International Journalfor Exchange of knowledge;3(1):20-26,2016)

·        Nephrotoxicity induced by Pan masala in Swiss mice andits protection by Elletaria cardamomum(L)Maton (International Journal ofPharmacy and Biological Sciences 3 issue 1 231-238,2013

·        The pool of coccinellids (coleoptera: Coccinellidae)in a mixed vegetable garden of Ranchi Women’s College (The Ecosan issue Vol 1:21-26 :2012)

·        Uptake of lead and copper in dragonfly nymph atdifferent temperature and the associated respiratory tissue deformations ((The Ecosan,Spl issue Vol 1: 197-202 :2012)

·        Effect of Copper sulphate on the respiratory tissuesof dragonfly nymph (Anisoptera)at variable temperature (TheBioscan5(3):517-521,2010)

·        Effect of lead toxicity with temperature variation andthe associated histological alterations in the respiratory tissues of dragonfly nymphs (Anisoptera) (Biospectra: vol.5(2), 2010, pp 175-182)

·        Toxicokinetic and bioaccumulation of copper and leadin Chironomoussp (Diptera: Chironomodae) at different temperature underlaboratory condition (The Bioscan, Spl vol 2; 313-321;2010)

·        Uptake of lead and copper by aquatic insects atdifferent temperature regimes (Environmental Toxicology, APH PublishingCorporation pp17-26,2010)