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Dr. Veenapani
Department of Zoology
Assistant Professor
M.Sc., Ph.D.
veenapani@nirmalacollegeranchi.com ,veenapani10@gmail.com

1.      Date of Joining – 18.11.2010

2.      Administrative responsibilities – UGC CPE committee member

3.      Awards& Memberships – Prof. Ashok Sinha Memorial Award for Best Young Research Scholar Award (Year 2012)

4.      Area of Specialisation- Ecology

5.      Major Research Area – Ecology, Toxicology

6.      Research Experience- 12 years

7.     Ph.D.,Year– 2015, Affiliation- Ranchi University ; Thesis Title- “Amelioratingeffect of Silicon Dioxide and Calcium Ions on a freshwater fish, Channapunctatus (Bloch) under Acid  and Acid with Metal Stress”


8.     Research Projects – Minor Research Project ,Year-From 12.03.2012   to  11.03.2014Funding Agency- U.G.C. Reference Number:F.PSJ-22/11-12(ERO)

Project Title-“Ameliorating effect of Silicon Dioxide and Calcium Ions on a freshwater fish, Channapunctatus (Bloch) under Acid  and Acid with Metal Stress”

9.      Ph.D. Guidance-  NA

10.  Publications-

       i.           Veenapani (2018)Comparative study of ameliorating effect of Silicon dioxide and Calcium ions ongills in acid aluminium induced toxicity in Channa punctatus(Bloch),Proceedings Biodiversity, Taxonomy and Conservation (pp.123-132) ISBN 978-93-83583-24-9.

     ii.           Veenapani(2016)RecoverywithSiliconDioxideinBloodParametersofFreshwaterFishChannapunctatus(Bloch)in Aluminiumtoxicity under acidic condition, Proceedings ,Environmental DegradationChallengesand Remedies(pp.210-226),ISBN978-93-82847-80-9.

   iii.           Veenapani and N.S.Sen(2014)Ameliorating effect of Silicon dioxide on erythrocytes in acid aluminiuminduced toxicity in Channa punctatus(Bloch), Proceedings ISBN 978-81-926340-3-6.

   iv.           Veenapani , Pushpa Surinand N.S.Sen (2013)Recovery in Acid Aluminium Induced Toxicity in Gills withSilicon Dioxide in Channa punctatus(Bloch), Asian J.Exp.Sci.,27(1),pp.9-17.

      v.           Veenapani ,Manishakumariand N.S.Sen (2012)An Ameliorating effect of Calcium in Aluminium Toxicity inGills of Channa punctatus(Bloch),The Ecoscan: Special issue,1,pp.457-463.

   vi.           Somdutta Moitra, Kiran Kumari, Veenapaniand N.S.Sen(2009).A scanning Electron Microscopic Study of the Gills of anEuryhaline Teleost ,Setipinna Phasa Hamilton, The Bioscan,4(3), pp. 471-474.

 vii.           RanuNaskar, Veenapani, Somdutta Moitra,Kiran Kumari, Nisarga S.Sen(2009). Surface Ultrastructural changes in the gills of an Indian stenohaline catfish, Clariasbatrachus (LINN) underacute  acid and aluminium stess, TheEcoscan 3 (3&4), pp.221-226.

viii.           M.K. Mehta,R. Bhattacharjee ,Kiran Kumari, Ipsitabose, Veenapani, Shilpy Chourasia &N.S.Sen (2006) Community Structure of benthic malacofauna in a freshwater lake at Ranchi Biospectra,vol. 1 ( 1),77-86.